You all know most of my gags about users are exaggerations with grains of truth in them. I usually only talk about the lacking in skills so today’s I’m changing up a bit. While most departments need our help on most issues our gals in the database department really take care of themselves when it comes to their data. This week was a great example. I had heard they were having some issues but they never brought it to our attention. When I asked them what was going on they were investigating. I’m used to people having issues and reporting them right away from us. So to have someone attempting to figure something out on their own was a surprise.

   We did discuss the issue a bit but they fixed it themselves. It was great to not have the buck stop with us in IT. My appreciation for our DB department has grown immensely. I must go now and break something on their database so they’ll have to come to us for a fix. after all I don’t want them to get non-dependant on us, or get too big of heads either. :)