We spent all last week in the Rocky Mountains. I still have a few cartoon ideas inspired by the trip. This event is mostly true and happened near the end of the week. We had done so much hiking and activities we were spending some time relaxing. I was reading C.S. Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’ on the front porch of our cabin. It was nice and peaceful until the kid from the next cabin showed up. this cartoon does not even come close to how bothersome he was. It did not matter that I was reading or ignoring him, he just kept on. His parents could see what he was doing but never said a word. I’m sure they were even more tired of him. I finally retreated to inside the cabin, but that seemed silly. So I actually did walk down to the arts and crafts building to watch my kids paint bird houses. Don’t get me wrong I think kids are great. I love spending time with kids that I know. I even have a cool kid that I spend time with that I mentor at the church I work at, or he mentors me I can’t decide which. So it’s not kids that bug me just that one kid. The worst part was I walked down to the main building at the Y and he and his family were there. I then walked over to the arts and crafts building and guess who was there? I managed to avoid him though.