Our youngest Grace has been wanting glasses ever since she became aware of them. She feels people don’t know that is she is a part of the family since everyone else, including her sister, has glasses. She had another eye doctor screening. The doctor not only said did she not need them now, she may never need them. This news crushed her and she cried in the waiting room. Several of the ladies who worked in the office tried to comfort her as well as the doctor himself. The doctor offered to write a prescription for a +.25 which is basically nothing. That seemed silly to me to do that even if insurance would pay for it. We did leave and I went to the store and bought her a cheap pair of sunglasses. She wears them when she can find them.

   She wants so much to be like the rest of us. She thinks she is a geek like the rest of us but in reality she is one of the “cool kids”. We love her even if she doesn’t fit in with the rest of us sometimes. :) We will eventually live vicariously through her as she becomes the kind of person we aren’t. On a side note she just got selected to be in a commercial she tried out for and they should film it this week. I’m sure she will be one of many kids and it doesn’t pay much, but I’m sure she will stand out as usual. I’m just wondering if she will insist on wearing her sun glasses or not. :)