We have been at the YMCA of the Rockies all this week. It has been wonderful and we have enjoyed it. We have seen many animals, including elk, deer, chipmunks and bald eagles just to name a few. Driving in the Rocky Mountain National park you look for animals or animal signs. One of the best signs is many cars pulled over with people and cameras out. We made one stop where we saw 8 cars. The funny thing was no one knew what they were supposed to be seeing. We had joked before that it would only take pointing to get cars to stop and that proved it. We decided to try it ourselves. We pulled over at a nice spot and when cars came we pointed and aimed our cameras. Several went past without biting. Finally a car pulled over and then a park ranger. We drove on, and have been giggling about it ever since. Yes I know we are weird, but we laugh a lot.