A few of us a work are going to take a CHL (Concealed handgun License) class. The guy organizing it asked me the other day was I still going to sign up. You can see what I told him in the toon. I laughed because there was a moment where he actually thought it may be true. He and I are aware of a gentlemen much older than us that turned down a job where we work because his mother told him not to. :)

  After a few weeks of getting ahead on cartoons of the posting date this week I’m far behind. I just finished today’s toon minutes before posting. Just hoping there are no typos. Since I was behind I did more copying and pasting that I have been doing lately. Oh well, most people don’t notice or care if you draw everything new again in each frame. I’ll try not to reply on that bad habit too much. As you notice the “geek” has long hair again and probably will forever. I am enjoying the short hair in this oppressive heat here in Texas.

FYI, I did tell my mom about the CHL class. She didn’t say no so looks like I’ll be taking it. :) She still says no to a motorcycle though.