At the church I work and the church I attend I’m usually the odd man out. What is funny I have conversations with agnostics and atheist that are friendlier than some political discussion I have with my fellow Christians. Of course I have issues with the left and the Democratic party but I have even more with the right. I really wish we had a viable 3rd party in this country that was moderate. In truth I’m a moderate sometimes referred to as “blue dog” Democrat. I do enjoy discussing politics with everyone as long as it can stay civil which is not always the case. I have one good friend at church that loves to debate with me. The funny thing is when we really discuss issues we actually agree more often than not. I think he is more moderate than the “conservative” that he thinks he is. I really believe if he and I were in congress our voting record would match up closely.

   This cartoon is really not to start a political debate. As usual it is to be attempt to be funny, and maybe just make a point or two. I do find it odd that folks who oppose abortion, as I do, support the death penalty, as I don’t. There is a popular expression “What would Jesus do?”. I wonder “How would Jesus vote?” I do not believe that Jesus would have a high approval rating if He were our president from either side. I don’t think lobbyist would get very far either.

   I’m actually happy with the art today. Yes I know I’m a hack but I really love doing this toon. I used some of the techniques I’ve learned over the last year and a half. Mostly I took my time and actually planned it out better, rather than rushing through it as usual. Ironically it seemed to take the same amount of time to do it “right” than the usual sloppy way I do. Maybe that’s just my style. :)