Some of you know I work at a church. Therefore I obviously believe in God. So between work, the church I attend and family I am generally surrounded by fellow believers. In my personal life I know many non-believers, atheists, and agnostics as well. My ever expanding group of Internet friends includes all of the before mentioned groups.

   It really does not matter which side you are on it is highly unlikely that either side will change their minds. It is interesting to debate the sides as long as both sides are civil and open-minded. A little mutual respect goes a long way as well. This is the case with a fellow webcomic artist in Sweden.

   I think what I find most amusing is that whichever way you lean you must admit they both seem unlikely. The fact that this discussion exists is remarkable if you consider all the things that occurred to get us here. Something long ago happened that is amazing. All we know either came from nothing or a God beyond our understanding, not to mention beyond space and time, set this all into motion. I wish everyone had faith in God as I’m sure most agnostics/atheists feel just the opposite.

   Let me leave this post with one final thought. If you have a believer and an non-believer and they both face a major life threatening incident, which is more likely to turn from thier faith? This may be a stretch but it is my blog. I hope no one is offended by my jest in the form of a comic. I stop here before it becomes a debate. We’ll leave that to the robots for now.