I took my youngest daughter to work last week. We went to a Chinese buffet. At the end of the meal she wanted ice cream. Just as in the today’s cartoon I told her to get a small bowl. The bowl she came back with had ice cream as high as she could carry. I really don’t think she was trying to be sneaky as she really is an honest kid. She really thought that I meant to get a small physical bowl rather than a small amount. As I usually learn with her you must be very specific with her. An example would be when she was younger I found her jumping off of her dresser. I told her not to jump off her dresser. When I came back she was jumping off her bed. So when I can remember I will try and state every possibility of what I want. She is a letter of the law type person. Her sister is a spirit of the law person. She would have come back with a small amount of ice cream rather than saying “it’s the smallest bowl they had”. She is a hoot and keeps us on our toes.