As some of you regular readers know I’m an IT guy for a large church here in Texas. I’m a part of the Church IT Roundtable. It is national and has many churches and ministries involved. Several regions have their own local meetings and obviously I attend the Texas Church IT Roundtable.

   The IT roundtable is fun and informative. I learn something every event. Scott Miller of  Watermark has been hosting the event for us for a few years now. He is an awesome host who puts on a great event in an extremely nice facility. The main character is supposed to be Scott, sort of. The debates are always cordial. As far as the PC vs. Mac and/or iPhone vs. Android I think Chris Green, one of the faithful attenders, puts it best. Use the right tool for the right job.

   I hope you like today’s toon. I’m tired now and going to bed.

Thanks again Scott.